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  • F*ck Cancer!

    F*ck Cancer!

    Special day coming in July! Ship Shape Tattoo is hosting their annual Fuck Cancer Flash Day on 1st July. I’m looking forward to travelling to Auckland with my husband for this event. I will not be tattooing this time around as I will be focusing on supporting this amazing crew of talented artists and showing…

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  • New Creations

    New Creations

    While I am learning that “rest means rest” I have been trying to calm my creative drive. This has not been easy since I’ve always had something inspire me and I never like to let good ideas go to waste. It’s taken eight days to really let this sink in that I’m not healing just…

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  • Metamorphosis (Pt 3)

    Metamorphosis (Pt 3)

    💖Update on Bookings💖 This will be my last update as I continue to work and prepare for my time off after my first surgery set for 31st October. I will be unable to work for at least 3-6 weeks from that date with a possibility of a longer timeframe all depending on the healing process.…

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  • Metamorphosis (Pt 2)

    Metamorphosis (Pt 2)

    💖Update on Bookings💖 If you saw my post from yesterday then you will be aware that I am in the process of preparing time off for a much needed surgery and recovery that I must ensure be as least stressful as possible. The last thing I want to do is postpone bookings or even ask…

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  • Metamorphosis


    Over the next 4-6 months my working schedule will not be something I can keep consistent as I am about to take a journey in getting rid of a sneaky cancer I believe I found early enough (the surgeon mentioned my body has no idea it has it yet). After noticing a change and bringing…

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