Born in the USA and moving to NZ in 2008, Aja aka FETBLOD is one of the best tattooists around, she’s an award winning, versatile artist who has worked not just around NZ but around the world. With 20 years in the industry she is a true professional in all aspects of the word.

Currently you will find her working at the beautifully appointed Winter Tattoo (www.wintertattoo.com) in Dunedin, NZ.

Aja has always been around art and creative influences, her mother paints and her father is a talented musician. Aja’s journey brought her all the way to NZ and since then she has continued to grow and establish a large clientele based all over the world that travel to see her.

Aja’s focus for her art style is American Traditional influenced and as such she will take your concepts and present her designs with these influences as part of the design.
Aja also enjoys Blackwork and as you will see from past works she is proficient in this too.

Aja has both Traditional and Blackwork influenced available pieces ready to go amongst her Flash Designs.

If you would like to get a tattoo from her or to arrange a consultation, get in touch using the contact button below to submit a request.

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